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15.08.15 I will be back in the beginning of September. Stay tuned !!!

08.08.15 Badaboom has been released on the label "I Like That !". You can buy it on Beatport, Itunes, ...  More infos...

01.08.15 Today @ Mattolaituri - Helsinki (Finland). More infos...


Mix Club (Paris)
Redlight (Paris)
Cabaret Sauvage (Paris)
Back Up (Paris)
Privilège (Paris)
Salons Vianey (Paris)
Technoparade (Paris)
Inox Park 3 - MCM stage (Paris)
Bloc (Lyon)
Cour des Grands (Lyon)
Eurexpo (Lyon)
La Plateforme (Lyon)
Le Pinks (Lyon)
Life City (Lyon)



Alter Ego (Budapest - Hungary)
Rafinad  (Vladimir - Russia)
Oasis Club (Al Hammamat - Tunisia)
Villa Mercedes (Napflio - Greece)
Bahia (Kalamatas - Greece)
Club Rive (San Antonio - US)
Albatros Club (Santorini - Greece)
Volksgarten (Vienna - Austria)
Deseo (Tripoli - Greece)
Bessonnitza(Nizhny Novgorod-Russia)
Yes Club (Prague - Czech Republic)
Savvy (Chani - Crete)
Envy Nightclub (Minneapolis - US)
  Cien Klub (Krakow - Poland)


Philosophy Of House #120

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